We sooooooo made the right choice...

Jay & Nancy got married on the morning of July 4 at the White Orchid Beach House in Makena. A truly wonderful group of people from the East coast who were fun loving, sophisticated and emotional. I was very moved by their comments regarding the photos and how much they enjoyed working with me. It was definitely mutual. "We were able to look at the slideshow.......FANTASTIC!!!!! The pix, the music ( love the tie-in to the vows). We sooooooo made the right choice in selecting you and we knew it from the beginning. As Jay mentioned, we could not be happier with our photos and the experience you helped create for us. Thanks again for your excellent work! Please feel free to use us as a reference if ever you need one." SLIDESHOW  photo __zpsf5118a3e.jpg  photo _110_zps41bf7802.jpg  photo _115_zpsca2df8b3.jpg  photo _177_zpse4977fae.jpg  photo _339_zps84f47f5a.jpg  photo _366_zps9989ee6c.jpg  photo _411_zpsa9276ed8.jpg

A New Place to Propose !!

Amber & Jared were married on beautiful Mokopu beach in in Wailea. Jared proposed to her on a ski lift, obviously not here on Maui. The look in her eyes during the ceremony is priceless. I believe in simple honest emotions and do as little posing as necessary. If a photo appears totally natural and romantic,or playful, then I have accomplished my goal. Over posing and long drawn out shooting sessions kill genuine emotions. Amber and Jared also enjoyed a butterfly release and sand ceremony.  photo _321_zps05446aa8.jpg  photo _102_zps2bef2b4b.jpg  photo _106_zps9e6e7a80.jpg  photo _140_zps87558d2f.jpg  photo _168_zps20bd4ab0.jpg  photo _180_zpsfa1eb995.jpg  photo _194_zpse20269b7.jpg  photo _217_zps484316ff.jpg  photo _261_zps76a229a3.jpg

Ho'oilo House B&B Wedding

Amazing place, how sound. Talk about peace and quiet and immaculate quarters and grounds, this place is a dream come true. Megan and Victor hired private chef Glen for their wedding dinner. As good as it gets. Lean Robb of Island Wedding Memories is the sole wedding planner for the property. So if you're looking for peace and quiet while staying about five minutes from charming Lahaina and a couple of minutes from the beach it doesn't get any better than this. I didn't want to leave.  photo 109-Edit-2_zps4244d804.jpg  photo 117_zpsd16241b2.jpg  photo 112_zps47f3461d.jpg  photo 123_zps6a159176.jpg  photo 137_zpsd01b9ffb.jpg  photo 178_zps523b51f8.jpg  photo 179_zpsb1815833.jpg  photo 183_zpsca94c7fb.jpg  photo 184_zpsefa0785c.jpg  photo 196_zps2d143b12.jpg  photo 215_zpsb606faed.jpg  photo 118_zps23faeed1.jpg  photo 120_zps8be609ae.jpg  photo 220_zps7ddc6c91.jpg  photo 228_zps91349df0.jpg  photo 242_zps6c0bc3b6.jpg  photo 123_zps6a159176.jpg  photo 245_zpsb82f1848.jpg  photo 249_zps36bc61dd.jpg  photo 250-Edit_zps9b030adb.jpg  photo 263_zps71fbcaa0.jpg

Ulua Beach Vow Renewal

Encore! Kristin and Nathan celebrated ten years of marriage with a vow renewal at Ulua beach in Wailea. What, did they get married when they were twelve? I would have guessed they were in their twenties. And, they have three kids! From Ulua beach the limo took them to Lahaina for a night on the town. With moderate traffic the trip is about 45 minutes. Good looking couple and a beautiful evening. Life is tough here. Kelly Miller of A Perfect Paradise Wedding did a great job arranging things on very short notice.  photo 101_zpsa8b26a9d.jpg  photo 112_zpsc4862e1a.jpg  photo 129_zpsfbf89492.jpg  photo 134_zpsdcab3ffb.jpg  photo 137_zpsd6bea0f4.jpg  photo 138_zps713fa2fc.jpg  photo 147_zps8f16abed.jpg  photo 160_zps01fb9317.jpg  photo 181_zps60617e2e.jpg  photo 184_zps943d8dac.jpg  photo 186_zpsd81cdfc7.jpg  photo 198_zpsd2e02ca9.jpg  photo 204_zpsc006794c.jpg  photo 215_zps28b3ca49.jpg  photo 222_zpsc6761f73.jpg