Danny Bonaduce and Amy Railsback marry at Four Seasons Resort Maui

Danny's a kick and Amy's as sweet as a mango shave ice. I was so flattered when I was contacted by OWN asking my permission to use one of their photos on Oprah's show, "Where Are They Now?" (Photo below) Unlike other celebrities I've photographed in my career, both were very gracious and unpretentious.  photo _DSC_7704_zpsbcac0ff7.jpg  photo _203_zps11f3a044.jpg  photo _206_zpsb7a3db07.jpg  photo _232_zps6499c72e.jpg  photo _302_zps66fa9ecb.jpg

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  1. Congratulations! Best Wishes for the absolute best marriage possible. Lovely pictures. I hope you'll be very happy together.