I frequently photograph weddings with just 2 people - Makena Cove (Secret Beach), Makena, Maui, Hawaii

Two Say I Do

What could be more ideal than leaving the relatives 6,000 miles away and 
actually enjoying your wedding.....a concept most people can relate to.  
Frolicking, sans black tie, in the soft white sand sure beats standing in a 
receiving line greeting 250 of your closest friends.  K & K  made the most of 
it,  including furtively smuggling in a bottle of bubbly.  Don't tell the beach 
cops.  Seemingly oblivious to my presence, they frolicked as I snapped.  Thank 
God they didn't hire some bozo who meticulously poses each pinky, while a crew 
of grips and lighting techs scramble for position.  Amazing how much work it is 
to produce snooze producing photos.

 photo 306_zpsf7d86625.jpg

 photo 360_zps80ef3191.jpg

 photo 423_zpsa9e9b35b.jpg

 photo 443_zps3612700a.jpg

 photo 414_zpsa12b5c13.jpg

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